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noises] >> what did i tell you? 88 miles per hour! melissa: they did it. forget the delorean, dr. brown. he should try the icar. saying tech giant should buy elon mc's car company much maybe that is the right time. the west coast supercharger corridor is officially open for business, so model s owners can travel between san diego, california, and vancouver, canada, without worry. is the buyout a good or bad idea? gene jennings, editor-in-chief for "automobile" magazine, dan fairies, analyst with stansbury associates. let me start with you, is this a match made in heaven, icar courtesy of tesla? >> foral lon of course it might be because he himself said their company is has a higher valuation than we rightly deserve. it might be the perfect time. melissa: dan what do you think? >> i think tesla would be a really bad investment for apple. set aside arguments whether or not the technologies work together. tesla is a horrible investment. it is an unprofitable company in one of most capital intensive, ultracompetitive low margin industries in the world. not a good idea. melissa: let me try t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1